Vespa Club Indonesia

Vespa Club Indonesia aims to preserve the Vespa and its culture in Indonesia, also strive to provide a maximum benefits to all members and Vespa enthusiasts. Since late 2015, VCI has been pursuing to be the connection to worldwide Vespisties. Participating in Vespa World Days 2016 in Saint Tropez, France was a first step to introduce Indonesia as one of the largest Vespisties countries with its uniqueness, rich cultures and plural ethnics.

Pursuing to be the communal house of all Vespa clubs and Vespa lovers in Indonesia, VCI would be more open for all Vespa enthusiast in Indonesia. The first National meeting would be held few days prior the Vespa World Days 2022 to form the VCI President and new organization. Vespa World Days 2022 in Bali, Indonesia would be the historical moment for all Indonesian Vespisties and worldwide Vespisties to confirm Satu Vespa Sejuta Saudara, Indonesia famous tagline in Vespa lovers.

A warm welcome to the Bali-Indonesia to all participants of Vespa World Days 2022, the annual meeting of Vespa World Club. Dewata Scooter club as the oldest Vespa Club in Bali, we are honor to be the host of the fourteen edition of Vespa World Days and we are confident that Vespisties from all over the world would enjoy and appreciate Balinese traditions, culture, landscape and hospitalities. We would do our best to make it unforgettable and epic moment for all Vespisties. This dream has been realized thanks to Vespa Club Indonesia who with passion and dedication have worked together in various different ways to ensure the success of this event. Sincere thanks is also extended to the Municipality of Indonesia and all the other related authorities in the Bali who have supported us in a range of ways. In addition to this, a big thanks is definitely due all our Vespa friends from all over the world, who after a long trip, will honor us with their presence and make this first Vespa World Days out of Europe unforgettable few days in Bali, Indonesia. We hope that all of the Vespa enthusiasts and friends enjoy and filled with warm friendship and shared knowledge of the Vespa interest. Together, we also celebrate 27 years of the Dewata Scooter Club – what perfect opportunity to share this special occasion with you! We very much look forward to welcoming you from o9 th  to 12 th   of June 2022 in Peninsula Island  – Bali, Indonesia – a Paradise island of a thousand Gods.

President of Vespa Club Indonesia (intern)

Danny Mamesah

Dewata Scooter Club Bali (DSC BALI)

Dewata Scooter Club Bali (DSC BALI) in 1995, there was UBUD RED SCOOTER, consisting of scooter fans, especially Vespa and only red color. In order to accommodate rapid Vespa enthusiast and unite Vespisties in Bali, Ubud Red Scooter changed its name to DEWATA SCOOTER CLUB BALI (DSC BALI).

DSC BALI was established on October 28, 1995 on Gianyar, Bali, coincide with National Heroes’s Day. With the aim of fostering a sense of true brotherhood, universal in nature that brings together Vespa enthusiasts that cover the entire Province of Bali, with a characteristic of motorized and social tourism hobbies accompanied by the soul of loving the homeland of Indonesia. An on organization DSC BALI is a vehicle and means of developing quality, talented, creative and independent interests and talents.

DSC BALI membership, now not only limited to individuals but has become the parent organization of Vespa clubs who voluntarily join chapters, total 10 chapters both in Bali and outside Bali with total around 2.000 members.

Founder and President of Dewata Scooter Club

I Wayan Ekayana