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Is there any accommodation available nearby the Vespa Village?2022-03-13T02:28:50+00:00

There are few official hotels or Villas and you could book it directly.

Is there any Vespa rental available?2022-03-13T02:28:17+00:00

There are few official Vespa Rental providers and you could rent the Vespa directly.

Is there any on the spot registration?2022-03-13T02:51:19+00:00

No, there would be no on the spot registration during Vespa World Days 2020/2022.

Will it be possible to register without the official registration tool?2022-03-13T02:27:04+00:00

No, it will only be possible to get tickets using the Vespa World Club registration system. (This decision is Vespa World Club requirement)

What will be my contribution and how can I pay?2022-03-13T02:24:35+00:00

Please see the registration tab for details.

When can I register?2022-03-25T02:48:19+00:00

The registration would be opened on April 4, 2022 for Full Entry tickets first (1500 tickets available)
until April 30, 2022 or all of the Full Entry tickets sold out, which one first.

A further 10.000 Light Entry Tickets would be opened on April 4, 2022 – April 30, 2022.

These tickets numbers are not final.

How can I register?2022-03-13T02:20:22+00:00

All Vespa Clubs are given a login to the Vespa Club registration system (user and password) from their National club. All participants have to register via their Vespa Clubs!

Who can register?2022-03-13T02:47:56+00:00

Only members of a Vespa Club which is affiliated with a National Vespa Club – and hence also with the Vespa World Club – can register for tickets. If there is a National Vespa Club that hasn’t been a member of Vespa World Club yet and would like to join Vespa World Days 2020/2022, please contact the Vespa World Club ( Once your proposal it’s approved, we would revert back with your credential to login and register.

What is the difference between “Full Entry” and “Light Entry”?2022-03-13T02:16:20+00:00

The “Light Entry” tickets are identical to the “Full Entry” tickets, but without the Gala Dinner on Saturday evening.

Why do you have to register for Vespa World Days 2022 and pay?2021-11-16T19:44:33+00:00

Registration IDR 250,000 / person.

Registration is more like a joint venture, because with registration participants will get T-shirts, stickers, patches, legshields
banners, entertainment from within and outside the country can also participate in the entire series of Vespa World Days 2022 events for 4 days.

What if you are not a member of Vespa Club Indonesia yet?2021-11-16T19:44:33+00:00

On the official Vespa Club Indonesia website, all can register, and individual registration, for those who are already members
Vespa Club Indonesia or not yet a member of Vespa Club Indonesia

How to participate in Vespa World Days 2022?2021-11-16T19:44:34+00:00

With the provisions of the Vespa World Club, members of the Vespa World Club are required to register through the official Vespa website World Club. For Vespistis Indonesia, you can register individually on the official Vespa Club Indonesia website and it will be registered return to Vespa World Club by Vespa Club Indonesia

Why are 2022 Vespa World Days held in Indonesia2021-11-16T19:44:34+00:00

Indonesia through Vespa Club Indonesia volunteered to host the 2016 Vespa World Days at St
French Tropez. and with the approval of the board of directors of the Vespa World Club and the deliberations of the members of the Vespa Club of the world of Indonesia had the honor of hosting in 2020. For the first time since 1954 Vespa World Days
held outside Europe and became the history of Indonesia to host the first Vespa World Days 2020 in Indonesia
continents of Asia and Europe

What is Vespa Club Indonesia?2021-11-16T19:44:34+00:00

Vespa Club Indonesia is a National Vespa Club that has been officially registered as a member of the Vespa World Club.
To be able to register for Vespa World Days, you must be from the National Club of the State. In Indonesia is the Vespa Club Indonesia.

What is Vespa World Club?2021-11-16T19:44:34+00:00

The Vespa World Club is a non-profit/non-commercial organization formed by Piaggio&CO and the Piaggio Foundation
in 2006. Data that has been recorded in 2017 the number of Vespa World Club members has reached 54 countries in
2017 and more than hundreds of members in every country.

What is Vespa World days 2022 ?2021-11-16T19:44:34+00:00

Vespa World Days is an annual gathering event for all members of the Vespa World Club worldwide, first held in Paris France in 1954 under the name Eurovespa. Piaggio&co and Piaggio The Foundation made the name Vespa World Days. Since 2017 the annual event for members of the Vespa World Club has become Vespa World Days.

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